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Air Innovations

Address:7000 Performance Drive
North Syracuse, NY
Phone: 315-452-7400
Fax: 315-452-7420
Toll Free: 800-825-3268
Business Activity: Manufacturer / Distributor / Service / Exporter

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About Air Innovations

Air Innovations helps you achieve your goals in temperature control, humidity/dew point regulation, and filtration/cleanliness. We offer off-the-shelf clean room hvac solutions and also design, test, and manufacture custom standalone environmental control units (ECUs) or integrated temperature & humidity control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We help you to achieve consistent results in temperature (low temperature and precision temperature control), humidity (desiccant to near saturation), and air filtration (HEPA to molecular), and pressurization.

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Featured Products offered by Air Innovations

    Air Innovations manufactures environmental control units (ECUs) that are capable of filtration to HEPA, ULPA, and molecular standards. Learn more:
    Air Innovations features an entire division dedicated to the design and manufacture of unitary and custom HVAC systems for cleanrooms and critical environments. In fact, our products are the only fully integrated modular environmental systems specifically created for the cleanroom industry. And – as with all Air Innovations environmental control systems – our clean room air conditioning systems can be tailored to your exact specifications in size, features, and functionality. Contact us today.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Cabinet Cooling, Electronics
    At Air Innovations, we build our sterile storage cabinets to replicate cleanroom conditions, so you can easily monitor your equipment’s conditions and rely on the integrity of the space.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Computer Room
    HEPAir® cleanroom HVAC units, which are available in horizontal modules, are the perfect solution for stable control of temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanliness. HEPAir integrated modular environmental control systems can be used in cleanrooms as well as in industrial and commercial applications such as computer rooms, laboratories, hospitals, facility additions, mini-environments, and process isolators. Units are ideal for softwall, single-pass air cleanrooms where comfort cooling is desirable. Multiple HEPAir units are easily grouped together for added cooling capacity.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Control Room
    Air Innovations' MyZone systems are personal console management systems for control rooms. Learn more!
    Cabin Cool systems are personal air conditions that can be installed on a variety of forklifts to provide director cooling to operators to keep them comfortable and safe.
    IsolationAir environmental control units are portable systems that include on-board HEPA filtration, UV sterilization, air conditioning and ductwork so you can quickly convert a standard-sized patient room into a negative or positive pressure environment for emergency situations.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Explosion Proof
    Our custom environmental control solutions include explosion proof air conditioners! Applications range from oil and gas exploration to sensitive semiconductor applications. Learn more today.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Hazardous Duty
    Our military HVAC units are designed as severe duty HVAC systems for the rugged environments and demanding applications of military and similar applications and industries. Contact us with your project inquiry today!
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Hospital & Laboratory
    Our IsolationAir product is a mobile quarantine air conditioner. The system offers UV sterilization as well as temperature and humidity control and pressurization. Learn more!
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Industrial
    Air Innovations specializes in process control systems for industrial applications. Learn more about our areas of expertise!
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Marine, Explosion Proof
    At Air Innovations, we design and manufacture custom explosion-proof HVAC systems that provide full temperature and humidity control.
    Air Innovations manufactures military environmental control units. If you are in the military industry, submit a project inquiry today!
    Our ArrayAir product provides a clean room environment. See more and submit your project inquiry today!
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Mobile, Mil Spec
    Air Innovations is capable of designing and manufacturing custom environmental control units (ECUs) to military-spec standards.
    ArrayAir® is a portable environmental control solution specially designed to maintain exact clean room humidity, stable temperature, and cleanliness in a clean room environment up to 30 cubic feet in size. The unit features humidification, Array Air IIde-humidification, heating, thermoelectric cooling, and HEPA filtration for biotech, pharmaceutical, or research laboratory applications. As always, Air Innovations can modify the components to meet your exact cleanroom specifications. Custom micro-environment enclosures are also available.
    The environmental control air conditioning units we manufacture can control temperature and humidity for OEM and non-OEM companies. See More:
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Spot Cooling
    Our specialty environment HVAC systems are ideal for fur storage, art storage, document storage, wine cellar cooling, and more.
  • AIR CONDITIONERS: Spot Cooling, Mil Spec
    This case study highlights hazardous condition HVAC systems used in some military applications. Read more!
    Air Innovations designed a Vertical AdvancAir clean room air conditioning system using its 34” x 34” cube design that would fit into the restrictive space, while also satisfying the required environmental conditions. The water-cooled environmental control unit (ECU) was built and shipped in two pieces for ease of on-site transport throughout the customer’s facility. The temperature and humidity requirements were met and controlled to within ±2°F (1°C) and ±5% RH. Each unit provided 5,000 CFM of air to the clean room, 750 CFM of which was MUA taken from outdoors. The design of the ECU included an ultrasonic humidifier to control humidity and make up air sections with motorized dampers to control room static pressure.
    Wine Guardian wine cellar air conditioners provide ideal temperature and humidity control for the proper long-term storage of your wine collection. Learn more!
    Clean room air conditioning units are part of Air Innovations' product line. Learn more about our clean room capabilities!
  • AIR CONDITIONING UNITS: Complete, Domestic Or Industrial
    At Air Innovations, we specialize in the design and development of self-contained and remote packaged cooling systems for the precise control of temperature, humidity, and filtration.
    Air Innovations manufactures custom cooling systems for a variety of industries. See more!
  • AIR CONDITIONING: Electronics
    Air Innovations provides custom environmental control units with precise temperature and humidity levels to meet the specific needs of each client’s unique application. We have designed semiconductor temperature control systems and humidity control units for all of these special requirements in both production and test environments.
  • AIR CONDITIONING: Explosion Proof
    We have a wide array of experience in explosion-proof HVAC system design and manufacture. From aerospace to oil & gas and semiconductor to pharmaceutical, we've designed HVAC systems to meet many needs. Read more and submit your project inquiry today!
  • AIR CONDITIONING: Industrial
    Air Innovations manufactures environmental control systems for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). See more here:
    Air Innovations manufactures environmental control units for industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotech, semiconductor, homeland security, and more! We specialize in air filtration, temperature control, and dew point control. Learn more.
    Air filtration systems are what Air Innovations manufactures for OEM and non-OEM customers and a variety of industries. Learn more!
    Air Innovations creates environmental control units (ECUs) for industries such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and more.
  • AIR HANDLERS: Custom
    From simple to complex, many applications require a custom air handler to address their needs. See how Air Innovations designed custom environmental control for one prominent customer, then let us know about your custom temperature control needs.
    Air Innovations manufactures custom environmental control units (ECUs) and air handling systems for a variety of applications and industries. See more here!
    Our HEPAir air purification equipment can include a HEPA filter within the air conditioning system. Learn more about these systems here!
    Our HEPAir units provide cleanroom temperature control. If you need cleanroom temp control for your project, contact us today!
    Wine Guardian manufactures wine cellar cooling units. We offer the broadest range of fully packaged, ductable split, ductless split, and through-the wall wine cellar HVAC systems. If you are in need of cooling for your wine cellar, contact us today!
    One of our other brands, Wine Guardian, manufactures wine storage environmental control units. Learn more here!
  • Cabinets: Sterile Storage
    Sterile storage cabinets (SSC 4500) provide optimal temperature, humidity, pressure, and cleanliness conditions for the storage of sterilized items.
  • CABINETS: Cooling Systems
    Sterile storage cabinets offer optimal conditions for storing goods to maintain their existing level of cleanliness after they undergo sterilization or while they are in their original sealed packaging.
  • CABINETS: Hospital
    Air Innovations features a variety of environmental control solutions for your healthcare needs. Whether you need systems to help prevent reinfection, maintain sterile instruments, turn a flexible space into a quarantine area, or efficiently sterilize a space, we have solutions.
  • CLEAN ROOM: Aerospace
    Air Innovations provides environmental control for aerospace clean rooms with fixed or mobile (portable) units, depending on the application. Learn how we helped one customer with a portable clean room environmental control system, then see other clean room and aerospace applications and capabilities.
    Our Arrayair units create a small clean room environment. If you need a clean room environment, contact us today!
    Our AdvancAir product is a large capacity environmental control unit designed for cleanrooms that meet your specifications. Read more about them here!
    Air Innovations is a manufactuer of custom environmental control systems that control temperature & humidity and provide HEPA, ULPA, molecular and more filtration standards.
  • CONTROL SYSTEMS: Aerospace, Environmental
    Air Innovations designs and builds aerospace environmental control systems for customers in applications where failure is not an option. Systems can be built to operate over extended temperature and humidity ranges or with extreme precision. Redundancy, explosion-proofing, salt-air operation, and other considerations can be taken into account.
  • CONTROL SYSTEMS: Environmental
    Air Innovations designs and manufactures environmental control systems for a variety of industries and applications. We offer custom and off-the-shelf units, depending on the application. Learn more here, then let us know about your latest project.
  • CONTROLS: Environmental
    This page presents a collection of whitepapers on the HVAC challenges presented to Air Innovations from the industries we serve.Semiconductor and aerospace applications require strict environmental control in order to operate as efficiently as possible. Our whitepapers describe the challenges these industries present when it comes to effectively controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and more.
  • CONTROLS: Environmental, Water Cooled
    Air Innovations can build water-cooled or air-cooled HVAC systems. Learn how one research facility used a water-cooled system in their lab, then tell us more about your project.
  • CONTROLS: Humidity, Pharmaceutical
    Pharmaceutical humidity control is vital when trying to maintain your critical processes. Read a case study on how Air Innovations achieved this for one customer, learn more about environmental control in Life Sciences, or let us know about your project.
  • CONTROLS: Temperature
    Air Innovations manufactures complete environmental control systems for industries such as biotech, military, and more. If you need Temperature Control, humidity control, filtration, or pressurization in your space, contact us today!
  • CONTROLS: Temperature, Clean Room
    HEPAir units provide clean room temperature control and humidity regulation in a packaged system. Download the datasheet and learn more about our HEPAir temperature, humidity, and filtration control. (Don't need a standard system? We work with custom clean room temperature control too.)
  • COOLERS: Floral
    Floratech, a division of Air Innovations, manufactures refrigerated floral coolers. Learn more here!
  • COOLERS: Wine
    Wine Guardian manufactures wine cellar coolers and humidifiers. If you are in need of cooling for your cellar, you can learn more and even calculate your system needs online. Learn more today!
    Air Innovations manufactures custom environmental control units for industries such as aerospace, semiconductor, military, pharmaceutical, and more... Learn more about cooling and heating systems and the capabilities that will help you reach your goals today!
    Air Innovations designed a chemical process control solution that relies upon two independent cooling coils and process fans operating on an alternating basis managed by software and various sensor inputs to determine switchover intervals. This ensured the cooling coils continued to operate without defrosting interruptions well below the point of freezing while fitting into the required space equivalent of a small microwave.
    Air Innovations created a linear accelerator cooling system for a recent project. Read this case study to learn how we did it!
  • COOLING SYSTEMS: Industrial & Food Processing
    We manufacture process control systems that provide temperature and humidity control in a wide range of applications and industries. See more!
  • COOLING SYSTEMS: Linear Accelerator
    Finding the right partner to build a linear accelerator cooling system can be a challenge. See how we helped one customer regulate conditions in a single-pass environment with precise temperature and humidity requirements. Then let us know how we can help with your application. Learn more!
    Isolation Air is a portable cooling system designed for infectious disease containment and environmental control. We also provide custom HVAC units that are portable. See more.
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