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Metal Marker Manufacturing Co

Address:6225 Lear Nagle Rd
North Ridgeville, OH
Phone: 440-327-2300
Fax: 440-327-2830
Toll Free: 800-428-0095
Certification: ISO 9001 + AS9100
Business Activity: Manufacturer / Exporter

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About Metal Marker Manufacturing Co

Others Promise. We Deliver.

At Metal Marker, we provide custom identification solutions to fit your needs. This includes metal tags, nameplates, placards, cable ties, decals, stamps, and more!

Our processes include stamping, embossing, photo anodizing, engraving, etching, and screen printing. There's a perfect solution for any environment or industry.

Award winning quality. Fast, on-time delivery of identification products since 1923. ISO 9001 + AS9100 Certified QMS. Made in USA.

Easy ordering. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives work with you to develop the solution to best fit your application.

Call Metal Marker at 800-428-0095 today for a free quote!

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Featured Products offered by Metal Marker Manufacturing Co

    Aluminum material is lightweight and durable. Laser or chemical etching creates a lasting design in the metal.
  • ALUMINUM: Embossed
    Aluminum embossing is a highly durable identification solution. Raised characters provide readability and aluminum can be colored through anodization.
    Looking for the best way to monitor your inventory? What about asset tracking? Barcode tags are an excellent solution. Barcodes give you valuable insight and information about your organization. Barcode labels increase efficiency as well as prevent issues before they occur.
    We work with you closely to deliver high-quality tags that fulfill your expectations. And we’re honest when something is infeasible or impractical. We’ll propose an alternative solution that satisfies your requirements, budget, and timeline.
    We can produce nearly any design your application requires. That includes any type of barcode. The three most common types of barcode tags we produce include: QR Code, UPC Code, Data Matrix Barcode tags can turn any piece of equipment or machine into a traceable asset. Our fast delivery means you can get your assets marked sooner, and reduces any lag time for registering new equipment.
    Bar Code labels serve the important task of tracking physical assets using a digital system. By scanning info into computer software, important information can make its way to whoever needs it.
  • BRASS: Embossed
    Brass embossed tags have a stand out vintage look. Great for very many applications.
    Metal Marker offers cable ties that can be used for applications that require long-lasting legibility and durability. Identification tags for wiring, cables, harnesses, piping, and shafts are examples of the wide variety of applications for our cable ties. Cable ties can be used in the OEM electrical trades as well as the automotive and aerospace industries. We offer cable ties using aluminum, brass and stainless steel and can custom mark cable ties to your specifications. We can stamp, emboss (raise) or deboss (depress) letters and/or numbers to your specifications. We specialize in working with our customers to develop a solution to best meet their needs.
  • CHECKS: Brass
    Brass metal tags are perfectly suited for many applications. One popular use is for valve tags.
  • CHECKS: Metal
    Metal tags are made entirely to your specifications. Whether you need 500 or 50,000. There is no limit to what your tags can be.
  • CHECKS: Tool
    Tag and identify your organizations tools to ensure they are correctly used and don't go missing.
    Copper's unique look makes copper etching a very visually appealing nameplate solution.
    Metal Marker offers full customization of your identification products. Any image, design, text, color, or numbering can be used in one way or another. We work with you to create the perfect solution which fits your needs.
    Decals are an economical way to promote your company, club or products and to identify your assets. Asset identification tags are a popular use of our serialized decals. We have the ability to include barcode or UID markings on your decals. Decals can be made to your specifications or we can work with you to develop decals to meet your requirements. We have the capability to efficiently produce both small and large quantities. We have the ability to develop custom decals to the size and share you require.
    Need large quantities of decals? Look no further. Metal Marker can mass produce any decal you require. Contact us for more information.
  • DECALS: Adhesive
    Strong industrial quality adhesives make sure your decal stays attached to any surface for as long as you need.
  • DECALS: Adhesive, Short Run
    Need small quantities of decals? Maybe several short runs of different designs? Contact us for more info.
  • DECALS: Custom
    Make your own design come to life with custom decals. Feature your company logo, unique design, or anything else you can imagine.
  • DECALS: Die Cut
    Die cut decals are ready to be peeled and applied. Ease of use and quick application makes these decals great.
  • DECALS: Digital
    Use your digital designs for your custom decals. Anything you can create on your computer can be turned into a durable, and stand out decal.
  • DECALS: Fleet Marking
    Mark your fleet with our high quality decals. Include any information you need.
  • DECALS: Heat Transfer
    Decals and labels are an economical way to promote your company, club, or products and to identify your assets. Asset identification tags are a popular use of our serialized decals and we even have the ability to include barcode or UID markings on your decals.
  • DECALS: Screen Printed
    Screen printing provides high quality imaging on the decal material.
  • DECALS: Truck Marking
    Need to mark your fleet of trucks? Look no further than durable decals.
  • DECALS: Warning
    Make warning labels stand out and keep everyone safe with bright colors and graphic designs.
  • DIES & TYPE: Brass & Steel
    Brass and steel dies for creating your own custom metal stamps. Contact us for info.
  • DIES: Embossing
    Embossing die sets use a male and female to create a raised impression in metal. Contact us for info.
  • DIES: Marking
    Marking dies for leaving indentations in metal material. Custom made. Contact us for more info.
    Use metal cable ties for your wiring and other electrical tagging needs.
    Metal embossed tags have characters that are raised which create a sturdy tag that is readable in harsh environments. Metal Marker offers low cost variable data embossing capabilities including serialized embossed tags.
  • EMBOSSING: Metal
    Embossed metal tags create raised characters in the metal material.
    Engraving creates deep cuts into the metal. It is a durable solution and fully customizable.
    Metal marker provides engraving services for high quality custom metal tags and nameplates.
    Metal Marker provides Engraving and Etching services using state of the art equipment. Metal Marker has the ability to mark products with a logo or any other design you require and can economically produce small and large quantities. We have the ability to comply with Mil-Standard marking required by military and aerospace contractors.
    Metal Marker features high quality etched metal tags at a competitive price.
  • ETCHING SERVICE: Photochemical
    Chemical etching removes metal using a special process. The remaining design is easy to read and durable. Contact us for a quote.
  • ETCHINGS: Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
    We provide etching on any metal substrate. Bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless, etc.
  • ETCHINGS: Chemical
    Chemical etching is a reliable process to create a lasting design in metal. Contact us for more info.
  • ETCHINGS: Decorative
    Etching can serve decorative purposes as well as practical.
  • ETCHINGS: Metal
    We offer high quality metal etching with fast delivery.
    Bar code labels are excellent for identifying and monitoring your fixed assets.
    Metal tags are used for a very wide range of purposes by almost every different industry. Contact us today for a free quote.
    Photo anodized bar code labels are highly durable and hold up to harsh environments. Rated for 20+ years outdoors, these tags can be scanned even after wear and tear.
    Identification nameplates are a great way to mark your machinery, equipment, or other assets. Provide important information such as specifications, limitations, or other safety guidelines.
    Identification tags (ID tags) manufactured to your specifications and delivered on time. Metal Marker offers a wide range of materials, the capacity to efficiently produce both small and large quantities, to mark with barcode or other unique markings. We currently provide custom ID tags to a wide variety of industries. Industries we service include aerospace, government, manufacturing and utilities. Identification tags (ID tags) include serialized identification tags and embossed identification tags.
    We offer a wide range of industrial marking solutions. Many materials, processes, and design options. Contact us for a free quote today.
    At Metal Marker, we produce high quality custom identification products including labels.
  • LABELS & TAGS: Metal
    Our metal labels and tags are used for identification, branding, and many more applications. Perfect for industrial use.
  • LABELS & TAGS: Paper, Coated & Laminated
    Provide added durability to your custom decals with coatings and lamination.
  • LABELS: Cable
    Our cable ties can include custom information such as company name or numbers.
  • LABELS: Address
    Any company that works in heavy industry or operates in harsh conditions is going to need equipment to match. It’s important not only that equipment can perform, but that you’re able to track it too. However, the typical label will erode away under such extreme conditions, which makes it harder to track assets and important data. Inscribing important information on high-quality metal labels will resist the rigors of business and keep the information intact.
  • LABELS: Aluminum
    Need durability? Metal aluminum labels are able to stand up in tough environments.
  • LABELS: Anti-Counterfeit
    Want to keep your assets safe? We offer decals which when removed leave a VOID marking.
  • LABELS: Bar Code
    Bar code labels use a scanning system to track and maintain your organization's assets. Keep tabs on the information that matters most to you with high quality bar code labels.
  • LABELS: Cable Marking
    Cable ties are the perfect solution for marking cables, wiring, and more. The wrap around design and options for custom text make them extremely useful.
  • LABELS: Caution
    Preventing job site errors or accidents before they occur is the best way to maintain a truly safe work environment. Being proactive is the only way to accomplish this goal. Utilizing safety identification tags, signs, and placards is an effective method for businesses to keep employees and the general public safe from harm.
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