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IndustriCorp, Inc.

Address: PO Box 268
Hunt Valley, MD
Business Activity: Distributor / Service
Phone: 410-252-1150
Toll Free: 800-966-3828
Fax: 410-252-1171
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About IndustriCorp, Inc.

How Much Does Dust Collection Downtime Cost Your Facility Each Year?

It is the mission of IndustriCorp to maximize safety and good environmental stewardship while minimizing life cycle costs of Dust Collection Systems in manufacturing facilities.

From Dust Collection Equipment to Replacement Parts for all brands of dust collectors, Reworking of Duct Systems, Explosion Protection and Consulting.

Fast - Personal - Friendly Service at Competitive Prices Nationwide !

Call Us 800-966-3828

Get a Free Quote from IndustriCorp, Inc.

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Featured Products offered by IndustriCorp, Inc.

    Vacuum and Pneumatic Conveying tubing and fittings.
    Bag Dump Stations by CAMCORP.
  • BAGS: Dust Collector
    Replacement Filter Bags for all brands and types of Baghouses, Bin Vents and Filter Receivers.
  • BENDS: Pipe & Tube
    Pipe and Tube bends in Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Pipe Bends through 8" pipe size up to Schedule 80. Tube Bends through 10" OD and up to 11 gauge. Call us for good prices and availabilities. Need Custom Fabrication? Call us!
  • BLOWERS: Belt Driven
    Belt driven Blowers and Fans in various arrangements. Unitary Base mounted as well as Arrangement 9. Belt driven Blowers and Fans enable a wider variety of operating ranges to specifically target your exact application requirements.

    Call us to discuss the requirements of your project.

  • BLOWERS: Centrifugal
    From Clean air to heavy material handling applications, IndustriCorp has the equipment to meet your requirements.

    Contact us to discuss your application.

  • BLOWERS: Corrosion Resistant
    Fans and Blowers in Corrosion Resistant materials and/or Coatings
  • BLOWERS: Direct Drive
    From the small 1/2 Hp motor mounted blower to the large, field erected fans producing 250,000 CFM or more, IndustriCorp has the Fans and Blowers for your Industrial Requirements.

    Call 800-639-3828 to discuss your application.

  • BLOWERS: High Temperature
    IndustriCorp offers numerous fan packages for a variety of temperature ranges to 1,000° F. High temperature applications necessitate fan features that are specifically designed to prevent excessive heat from reaching critical fan components.

    Contact us and let's discuss your application.

  • BLOWERS: Industrial
    True Industrial Blowers are just that....Industrial. Contact IndustriCorp for a blower built to thrive in your industrial environment. Material handling, High Temperature, Acid Resistant, Flue Gases, Pressure Blower or even a clean air fan or blower....We welcome the opportunity to discuss your application.
  • BLOWERS: Material Handling
    From light dust to heavy material handling fans and blowers, IndustriCorp provides these items in numerous operating ranges and sizes. Non-sparking construction available.

    Let's discuss your application.

  • BLOWERS: Pressure
    High Pressure Blowers, belt driven or direct drive.
  • CARTRIDGES: Filter
    Replacement Filter Cartridges for All Dust Collector Brands. All Sizes and Shapes.
    Baghouse, Cartridge Collectors, Bin Vents, Reverse Air Collectors, PulseJet, Cyclones.
  • COUPLINGS: Compression
    1-1/2” thru 14” OD for Tubing 1-1/4” thru 12” NPS for PipeCall Us for great pricing on quantities of 1 to 1000. (or more)
    Bulk Bag Unloaders for all Industries
    Nordfab Quick Fit Duct. Clamp Together Duct that saves significant labor, thereby money, over conventional duct systems. Easily disassembled for cleaning or modifying the layout. Reusable duct and fittings.

    Nordfab Quick Fit Duct is available in Galvanized, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel as well as Carbon Steel.

    ASK US ABOUT Antimicrobial Options!


  • DUCTS: Flexible
    We offer Industrial Flex Hose for most industries. Highly Abrasion Resistant Urethane Hose, Mechanically Assembled Master-Clip Hoses of numerous materials for a Wide Variety of Applications. High Temperatures: Foundries, Furnaces and Dryer Systems Dust Collection: Wood dust, metal dust and general dust collection Vehicle Exhaust: Pull-up Hose System, Hose Reel Systems, Engine Exhaust Fumes Toxic Fume Hoses: Paint-spray Extraction, Weld Fume Extraction, Chemical Fume Extraction Food and Pharma: FDA Acceptable Food Grade, Crushable and Food Processor ExhaustContact us for best price and availability.
  • DUCTS: Industrial
    Whether you require Heavy Gauge Welded Duct Fabrications or lighter gauge Nordfab Quick Fit Duct, IndustriCorp, Inc. Can Provide Duct, Fittings and Accessories to Suit Your Requirements.Welded Duct to 1/2" Thick Lighter Sheetmetal Duct in Nearly All Gauges Heavier Than 24 Gauge, and available in Galvanized, 304 and 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Some Aluminum. Ask Us about Antimicrobial Metal Duct!From Foundries to Hospitals, We Have Duct to Suit Your Requirements.
  • DUCTS: Metal
    Nordfab Quick Fit Duct to 14 gauge, Flanged and Welded Duct to 1/4" Thick.
    Replacement Filter Bags, Filter Cartridges, Problem Solving
    Reduce Maintenance Costs, Extend Filter Life and Eliminate Unexpected Process Downtime Due to Dust Collection Failure. Call us at 800-966-3828 to Discuss Your Application!
    CAMCORPCartridge Type Dust Collectors. Vertically Suspended Filters with Well Engineered Pulse Cleaning System. Our Collectors Are Not Cookie Cutter in Design Therefore our Dust Collectors Are Designed and Fabricated for Your Application. Custom Collectors Without the Custom Price. Problems with Your Collector? Call us for A Free Evaluation of Your Application and for All Your Replacement Filter Requirements.
    Whether you are looking for Baghouse or Cartridge Designs, IndustriCorp, Inc. has the Expertise and Equipment to Satisfy Your Requirements. Baghouses, Cartridge Collectors and Bin Vents for Simple Dust Handling to Heavy Loading Material Handling Applications.The Correct Application of Collector Size, Interior AirFlow and Filter Media Selection Provides Long Filter Life Resulting in Lower Maintenance Costs and Less Downtime.Not Satisfied with your current system operation? Call Us for a system evaluation.
    From small process applications to large material handling requirements, Cyclones certainly have their place. Call with your design or let us provide a design for your application.
    Pulse Jet Dust Collectors in Baghouse, Pleated Bag and Cartridge Designs to match your application.
  • DUST COLLECTORS: Reverse Air
    Reverse Air Collectors that do not require plant compressed air. Low to Medium Pressure Cleaning. Self Contained. Especially applied to heavy dust loading and high air volumes. Call 800-966-3828 to discuss your application!
    IEP Technologies. (Industrial Explosion Technologies) Engineered Explosion Vents and Flameless Vent TechnologyExplosion Suppression SystemsActive Explosion Isolation Technologies Including Chemical Isolation and High Speed Gate.Passive Isolation with IEP Technologies' Pro-Flap Plus Isolation Valve with Wear and Accumulation Sensors and Indicators.We Can Help You Test and Decide Which Technology Will Best Address Your Application.Call Us To Discuss Your Application.
    Most dusts that are encountered are combustible under the right conditions. From sugar, grain, iron filings, most metals, the list is long and can be at times somewhat surprising.Have a low Kst rating and feel safe about that? Think again, a Kst of 10 is only milliseconds slower in reaching what could be devastating conditions than a dust having a Kst of 200. Both have the potential of severe material damage and loss of life.Fenwal/IEP Technologies has the Explosion Suppression Systems to Quench the Beginning Stage of an Explosion Preventing It From Reaching Damaging Levels.60+ years of proven technology and practice makes IEP Technologies the experts to call.Call us to review your next application.
    Panel Vents, Rectangular Flat and Domed Vents, Round Vents, Flameless Vents, Explosion Isolation Technologies by IEP Technologies.

    Call us and let us help you meet NFPA Compliance.

  • FANS
    Industrial Fans & Blowers by Industrial Air Technology. Backward Incline, Airfoil, Backward Curve, Radial Blade, Custom designs for nearly all industrial applications. Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • FANS: Industrial
    Industrial Blowers that are....well.....Industrial. Contact IndustriCorp for a blower built to thrive in your industrial environment. Material handling, High Temperature, Acid Resistant, Flue Gases, Pressure Blower or even a clean air fan or blower....We welcome the opportunity to discuss your application.
  • FANS: Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers
    Replacement Filter Bags for all Brands of Baghouses. Numerous media selections.
    Did you know that air to cloth ratios are not the preferred method of applying filter cartridges?

    The best way is to design the cartridge with media to properly handle the application from a filtration and dust release basis, and then to make sure that the collected dust can be pulsed off of the cartridge by proper pleat spacing and depth.

    Let us assist with your application.

    Pleated Filter Cartridges and Pleated Bags are essentially the same technology with a twist.

    Whether it is a direct replacement or a complete re-evaluation and a retro-fit, call us to examine your application.

  • FILTERS: Bag
    Too many people look at filter bags as "a bag is a bag". That could not be further from the truth.

    Filtration efficiency, dust release and grounding are just the beginning. We have replacement bags for most dust collector brands.

    Call us to review your application.

  • FILTERS: Baghouse
    Filter bags for most brands and models of baghouses. Call us for good prices and great quality. Are you experiencing performance or bag life issues? Let's Discuss your requirements.
    Are you suffering with short filter life?

    The wrong filters can cost you thousands when they are not correctly applied. We may be able to help you by taking a new look at your application.

    If you think you are locked in to the collector manufacturer's filters, you may not be! Call us to see if we can provide a longer lasting filter cartridge at a better price.

    Pneumatic Conveying and Vacuum Tubing. Pressures to 15 psig. Tube Bends, Laterals, gates, viewing spools, and other accessories.

    Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, aluminum and Galvanized.

    Call us for good pricing and availability.

    Tube and Pipe by MetFlo. Tubing sizes from 1-1/2" to 8" OD Available in Carbon Steel, Zinc Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum. Gauges Available are from 16 gauge to 11 gauge. Pipe Available in Sizes Ranging From 1" thru 8" diameter in Schedule 5 through Schedule 80 in Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum and Stainless. Galvanized Pipe Available Thru 12" dia. Tube Bends Available 1-1/2" thru 10" dia. Pipe Bends Available 1-1/4" thru 8" dia.
  • TUBING: Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Tube and Tubing and fittings for your pneumatic conveying and vacuum applications. Joints can be welded, fittings with expanded ends including laterals, ells, etc. Use Compression Couplings for straight ends and shrink sleeves for expanded ends.....all types of joints. Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless, aluminum and galvanized.

    Call us for good prices.

Other Products offered by IndustriCorp, Inc.

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