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Stapler Warehouse

Address:817 Broadway, 4th floor, NY 10003
New York, NY
Phone: 646-553-4658
Fax: 646-844-1323
Toll Free: 888-761-8462
Business Activity: Distributor

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About Stapler Warehouse

Retailer of equipment and supplies for industrial and office applications. Stapler Warehouse offers a diverse variety of solutions that offers businesses increased productivity, efficiency and economy. Our expanding product categories includes air staplers, binding supplies, upholstery staplers, carton staples, scales, shrink wrap machines, heat sealers and box staplers. We back our offerings with an easy to use website and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to assist.

Product Line: Carton Staplers, Staples, Office Staplers, Plier Staplers, Tackers, Tray Staplers, Heat Sealers, Vacuum Sealers, Shrink Wrap Machines, Pallet Wrappers, Shrink Wrap, Strapping Machines, Strapping Tools, Scales, Binding Machines, Paper Cutters, Foam Board Trimmers, Pallet Jacks,Binding Covers, Poly Tubing, Stand Up Pouches, Poly bags

Brand Names: Minipack, Fox Packaging, Akiles, AIE. Sealers, Vestil, Josef Kihlberg, Bostitch, Isaberg-Rapid, Ace Fasteners, Kobra Shredders, Keencut, Dahle, Klinch-Pak, Apach, BeA, Fasco, Spotnails, TEW Sealers. PackRite Sealers, Optima Scales, Amerivacs

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Featured Products offered by Stapler Warehouse

  • BAGS: Biohazard
    Biohazard, & Soiled Linen Waste Liners, BioHazrd specimen bags.
  • BAGS: Poly
    Stapler Warehouse offer a wide range of poly bags including lay-flat poly bags, stand up pouches, child resistant exit bags, zip top bags, vacuum barrier bags, poly polypropylene bags, poly tubing, and foil gusseted bags.
  • BAGS: Polypropylene
    Low Density Poly tubing, available in a various sizes and thicknesses
  • BAGS: Shrink
    We offer PVC and Polyolefin shrink bags in a variety of sizes
  • BAND SEALERS: Continuous
    We offer a wide range of horizontal and vertical continuous band sealers that will help you increase packaging speeds. Available as tabletop, self standing or with a tilt head with options for trimming and printing.
  • BAND SEALERS: Continuous, Single Layer
    We carry a wide selection of horizontal and vertical band sealers that will help you increase packaging speeds. Available as tabletop, self standing or with a tilt head.
    We offer a range of binding machines: Saddle stitchers, coil binders, comb binding machines, twin loop binding, heavy duty staplers, as well as binding supplies.
  • CUTTERS: Foam
    Our offerings include a range of precision cutters made to cut flexible materials such as Acrylic ; Banners ; Corrugated plastic ; Fabric & Textiles ; Foam Board ; Paper ; Tissue
  • CUTTERS: Paper
    Our paper cutter offerings include Guillotine paper trimmers, stack cutters, rotary paper trimmers, business card cutters and sheet material cutters. From brands: MBM, Dahle, QCM, Formax, Akiles & Kobra.
  • FILMS: Laminating
    Laminating film is available in a wide variety of widths, lengths and thickness. We also sell roll laminating film in a variety of widths, core sizes, and finishes. We offer gloss, matte, standard, school, and premium. Laminating film can be purchased in 1.5 mil, 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil, 10 mil and 15 mil thicknesses.
  • FILMS: Shrink Wrap
    Choose from a growing selection of PVC and Polyolefin film. Available in centerfolded rolls or pre-cut shrink bags.
  • HEAT SEALER: Impulse, Hand Operated
    Impulse heat sealers send high current on impulse to heater ribbons, equipped on the surface of the heat sealing blade, to generate heat that enables thermal sealing through thermal conductivity.
    Strip Nailers, coil nail guns, roofing nailers, pallet nail guns from Apach, Fasco, BeA and Spotnails
  • MACHINERY, OFFICE: Cutters, Trimmers & Punches, Paper
    We can supply a wide variety of paper cutters: guillotine paper trimmers, stack paper cutters, rotary trimmers. Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • MACHINERY, OFFICE: Stapling, Hand Or Power
    Choose from a range of manual and electric office staplers. Available with options including flat clinch, long reach and saddle stitch.
  • MACHINERY: Band Sealers
    We offer a wide range of vertical and horizontal continuous band sealers.
  • MACHINERY: Binding
    A complete range of coil, wire, comb binding machines, as well as saddle stichers, booklet makers and heavy duty paper punches.
  • MACHINERY: Packaging
    Your source for Shrink Wrap Machines and Kits, Carton Sealers, Box Staplers, Bag Sealers, Pallet Stretch Wrappers, Constant Heat Sealers, Induction Sealers, Vacuum Sealers, Sleeve Wrappers, and Strapping Machines
  • MACHINERY: Pallet Wrapping
    Manual, Semi-Auto and fully automatic machines for securely wrapping pallets.
  • MACHINERY: Paper Cutting
    Heavy Duty Paper cutters, guillotine paper trimmers, business card cutters and stack paper cutters.
  • MACHINERY: Shrink Packaging
    Choose from selection of I-bar sealer, L-Sealers, One step Shrink wrap systems, shrink wrap kits, automatic shrink wrap machines as well as shrink film and bags.
  • MACHINERY: Stapling
    Manual, Pneumatic and Electric staplers including Tackers, Plier staplers, Upholstery staplers, office staplers, saddle stitchers, Corrugated Fastening tools, Construction Staplers, and Hammer Tackers
  • MACHINERY: Stretch Wrapping
    Manual, Semi-Automatic, & Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrap machines. Available in turntable, rotary arm, or robot configurations.
  • MACHINERY: Vacuum Packaging
    We carry a wide selection of retractable nozzle and chamber vacuum sealers. Available in table top or self standing configurations, with or without gas flush.
  • MACHINES: Sealing
    We offer a range of heat sealers including Hand Sealers, Impulse Foot Sealers, Constant Heat sealers, band sealers, portable sealers, L-Bar Sealers and clamshell sealers.
  • MASKS: Protective
    KN95 Dust Masks, Face Shields, Medical Style masks.
    We specialize in various nailers. Contact us for air plier staplers, binding machines, corner rounders, nail guns, paper cutters, saddle staplers, pallet wrappers, safes, tackers, tool accessories, shrink wrap film, corner rounders, laminating supplies, pallet trucks and etc. Visit our website for more information or contact for specific inquiries. Free no obligations quote available on all items.
  • NAILERS: Pneumatic
    Choose from a range of pneumatic Strip Nailers, Coil Nail guns, roofing nailers,pallet nail guns.
    vacuum sealer bags, lay flat poly bags, stand- up pouches, child proof pouches, parts bags, clear lip and tape bags, vci bags
    We specialize in packaging equipment. Contact us for box staplers, pallet wrappers, shrink wrapping machines, sleeve wrappers, shrink wrap film, pallet trucks, tray staplers, carton sealers, vacuum sealers, impulse & constant heat sealers, industrial scales, clam-shell sealers . Visit our website for more information or contact for specific inquiries. Free no obligations quote available on all items.
  • PACKAGING EQUIPMENT: Case, Carton & Box
    We specialize in case, carton & box packaging equipment. Contact us for Carton staplers, tray staplers, carton sealers, taping machines, sleeve wrappers, stretch wrappers & scales. Visit our website for more information or contact for specific inquiries. Free no obligations quote available on all items.
    We specialize in shrink packaging equipment. Contact us for manual, semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrap machines, shrink film, heat guns, sleeve wrappers, and shrink tunnels. Visit our website for more information or contact for specific inquiries. Free no obligations quote available on all items.
    Shrink wrap machines, pallet wrappers, stretch wrap machines, heat sealers, induction sealers, case sealers, carton staplers and strapping machines.
    Our packaging supply offerings include: Carton Staples, Coil Staples, Poly Bags, Poly Tubing, Vacuum Sealer bags, Standup Pouches, Strapping Coils, Foil Bags, Shrink Wrap Film, Shrink Bags, and Packing Slip Envelopes
  • PACKAGING: Machinery, Shrink & Wrap
    L-Bar Sealers, I-Bar Sealers, Shrink Wrap kits, Heat Guns, Shrink Tunnels, Semi and Fully Automatic Shrink wrap machines.
    We carry a wide range of strip and cross cut shredders. Choose from Deskside, Departmental, High-Security and Industrial shredders.
  • PAPER: Anti-Corrosive
    VCI paper sheets in a variety of sizes, for use in dry packaging of metal parts.
  • POUCHES: Stand-Up
    Our stand-up pouch offerings include: clear, kraft, metallized/metallic, matte colored, and rice paper. Additionally, we offer child resistant exit pouches. Custom options available upon request.
  • POUCHES: Tobacco
    Our child-resistant exit barrier pouches offer premium barrier protection for the contents inside such as detergents, cannabis or any substance that may be dangerous to children.
  • POUCHES: Vacuum Packaging
    Table top, self standing snorkel and chamber vacuum sealers. Available with a variety of options.
  • POUCHES: Zipper
    Shop now and save on our wide selection of Zip Top pouches for food, industrial and healthcare related applications. Custom bags also available upon request.
  • RINGS: Hog
    Galvanized and Stainless steel C and D style hog rings
  • SCALES: Counter Top
    Counter-Top scales for laboratory, medical, industrial and packaging applications.
    Sealers are available at Stapler Warehouse. Sealers are equipment that shut and seal items in the packaging process. They are offered in hand, foot, heat and medical precisions models. Also carry impulse heat sealers, vacuum sealers.
  • SEALERS: Impulse
    Our selection of impulse sealers includes: table top hand sealers, foot pedal operated sealers, automatic sealers, portable sealing machines and band sealers. Visit out website or contact us for more information.
  • SHREDDERS: Cross Cut
    Heavy duty cross cut shredders available in deskside, departmental or industrial configurations.
  • SHREDDERS: Industrial & Commercial
    We carry a range of heavy duty high capacity strip and cross cut industrial shredders.
  • SHREDDERS: Paper
    We offer a wide selection of office paper shredders. From compact deskside models to industrial shredders. Available in both strip or cross cut.
    We specialize in shrink film. Contact us for PVC and Polyolefin Shrink wrap film Available in a variety of thicknesses and widths.
    We specialize in shrink wrap supplies: PVC & Polyolefin Shrink film and bags.
    Your source for shrink wrap kits, L-Bar Sealers, I-Bar sealers, shrink tunnels, Semi and fully Automatic shrink wrappers.
    We specialize in various industrial and commercial staplers. Contact us for air plier staplers, saddle stitchers, office staplers, carton closers, tray staplers, nail guns, upholstery staplers, corrugated fastening tools, floor staplers, and hog ring tools.
  • STAPLERS: Industrial
    Your source of industrial staplers including Nail Guns, Carton Staplers, Upholstery Staplers, Brad Nailers, and Plier Staplers
  • STAPLES: Industrial
    We specialize in industrial staples including carton staples, fine wire staples, upholstery staples, corrugated fasteners, brads, pins, nails, wide crown staples, coil staples, and stainless steel staples.
  • STAPLES: Paper
    Heavy duty staples for office stapling machines.
  • STAPLES: Stainless Steel
    We offer a range of heavy duty stainless steel staples and hog rings for industrial and construction applications.
    We carry a range of manual, Semi-Auto and fully automatic pallet stretch wrappers.
    VCI Paper sheets & rolls. VCI Bags Tubing. Metal rust remover solutions. Rust preventative coatings.
  • WRAP: Shrink
    Your source for PVC and Polyolefin Shrink wrap film and bags. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
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